Armthorpe, Doncaster

The family in this case was keen to stay in the area as the children were in local schools. The claimant’s Grandparents, who provided a significant support network, also lived close by. Suitable properties in Armthorpe were extremely limited therefore we canvased the area and found a vendor willing to sell their bungalow. At the time this property was not on the open market.

Our Property Finding and Acquisitions team successfully negotiated the purchase of the property along with an additional strip of land which was acquired from a neighbour. Whilst the existing bungalow was far too small the site was generous enough, with the extra land, to accommodate a bespoke new-build dwelling.

Due to the scale of accommodation required the Local Authority did not initially favour the scheme and subsequently the application went to committee. Thankfully we were successful in demonstrating how the property would not only have a significant benefit for our disabled client but also how the neighbours and surrounding properties had been carefully considered in the design.

The property accommodates all of the client’s current and future needs, his favourite aspects being the aqua-therapy pool together with the indoor and outdoor play/therapy areas.