Bolton, Greater Manchester

Having carried out detailed and extensive property searches over a period of time it became clear that there were no suitable properties available for purchase and adaptation, within the area the family wished to live.  Consequently, a new build project was undertaken. The end result provides practical and flexible family accommodation whilst meeting the specific needs of our client, who has tetraplegic cerebral palsy.

We were not involved in the litigation claim in this case, but the families Solicitor instructed our Property Finding and Acquisitions Department to manage the search for a suitable property.  We quickly established that there were no potentially suitable properties available on the open market, nor were any due to be in the foreseeable future.  Therefore, due to the lack of single storey accommodation within the search area, a two storey house was identified on a large plot which was ideal for demolition and construction of a new bungalow.

Once we had established the viability of the development, our Design & Project Management team took the project from the planning stage through to completion.  We worked closely with the family and other experts during the process to ensure all the clients long-term accommodation and therapy needs were met.