An important part of the property acquisition process, a Feasibility Assessment Report provides those instructing us, and the Court (with ongoing litigation cases), with a clear overview of the property/properties being considered for purchase.

Originally produced to be of maximum assistance to the Court many clients now ask for this type of report.

A typical report will provide you (and the Court) with all the information needed to make a fully informed buying decision, including:

  • A summary of conclusions
  • Description of the property/properties
  • Valuation (by an RICS Registered Valuer)
  • An estimate of the costs involved in any remedial works and/or adaptations/extensions
  • An estimate of any added value to the property as a result of the proposed works
  • Details of likely associated costs (i.e. survey fees, legal fees, removal expenses, etc.)

An example report is available upon request.

Types of report:

Level 1 – Desktop feasibility/suitability property assessment report
Level 2 – Truncated feasibility/suitability property assessment report
Level 3 – Comprehensive feasibility/suitability property assessment report