We continually liaise with Estate Agents/Chartered Surveyors throughout the United Kingdom with the aim of identifying the most suitable property currently available for purchase for individuals with specialist needs in the locations they wish to live.

After assessing the specific needs of an individual, every effort is then made to find the best solution to their accommodation requirements, by either adapting/extending their current home or sourcing a more suitable property.

“Suitability” is the key to a successful property purchase. The right property, or at least the most appropriate from those currently available at any given time, should be purchased.

There is undoubtedly an art to the successful buying of properties on behalf of clients. Professional training, an appropriate qualification and years of successful practical experience are vital. As a Chartered Valuation Surveyor Steven Docker has negotiated the purchase of residential properties on a regular basis since 1966. Only very rarely is the full asking price paid for a property identified. In recent years we have negotiated price reductions ranging from £5,000 to £107,500. The asking price on an estate agent’s brochure should never be used as a benchmark for value!

We are very much aware that purchasing a new home can be particularly stressful but it is also a very personal experience. We therefore take great care in ensuring that our clients’ views and preferences are at the forefront in the acquisition process – as the dwelling purchased (once adapted if necessary) will eventually be their new home and must satisfy their needs.

The firm’s continual involvement with the UK residential property markets enables us to keep in touch with current Property Values and this practical knowledge is shared with the Expert Witnesses – which in turn enables them to best assist the Court in all matters relating to the Valuation of residential properties.

The Acquisition Department’s close working relationship with the Design and Project Management Team highlights the importance of purchasing the “right” property because an inappropriate dwelling, no matter how much money is spent, rarely adequately satisfies the needs of a disabled individual. In practice purchasing and adapting a suitable dwelling is much more cost effective, quicker and the end result is always far superior.